Remains Sugar Cane plantation at Whitewall

St. Eustatius– The St. Eustatius Center for Archeological Research (SECAR) was carrying out an archeological survey at the property in the Whitewall area, that was intended to be developed for hotel and residential purposes. During this survey the research team discovered the ruins of a sugar plantation, of which the presence was unknown until now (by Secar, A., see below) *)The plantation probably dating back to the sixteen hundreds is located on the higher elevation of the Quill, opposite of the Statia Lodges. The research is commissioned by the developer and related to the amendment to Spatial Development Plan, needed for the realization of the project. SECAR will recommend to the developer to maintain the ruins and integrate them in their plans.

 The report of the research will be presented by December.

*) The ruins were described before and are known around the island.

(source: the informer)