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Network Operation Manager Vacancy


The St. Eustatius Telephone Company is seeking a Network Operation “(NO)” Manager.



  • Planning and implementing outside plant infrastructures (Copper, Fiber and Aerial)


  • Successfully manage all assigned projects and meet corporate, customer and property owner expectations (e.g., railroad rights of way).
  • Implement and monitor reporting methods for multiple contractors and vendors.
  • Provide effective problem resolutions to facilitate faster project deliveries and improved working relationships between the client/customer and field team.
  • Troubleshoot, negotiate and mediate client or subcontractor problems or complaints that arise at site level.
  • Ensure consistent and continuous compliance by all employees and vendors with safety and regulatory requirements, standards and protocols.
  • Oversee and coordinate with assigned project managers statements of work and bid packages for construction of networks projects. Ensure accurate and timely submittal of projected cost to- complete for monthly work in progress reports.
  • Minimize construction costs without compromising safety, system quality or operational impact.
  • Ensure proper use of capital expenditures by ensuring adherence to Allied Fiber’s design standards and ensuring compliance with installation contractors.
  • Evaluate new product methods and techniques to achieve maximum cost savings while maintaining operational goals.
  • Proactively pursue carrier development opportunities by utilizing online training resources and attending seminars offered by technical training and equipment vendors
  • Prepare reports and presentations describing activity, project status and presentations for management meetings and business reviews Supervisory Responsibilities:
  • Manage a team of engineers, contractors and vendors.
  • Create strong collaborative team environment.






  • S. degree in engineering or equivalent training with 5 or more year’s technical experience in design and management of communications networks and colocation facilities.
  • Must have a working knowledge of various communications systems and architectures including fiber optic network topology, modular building construction experience, underground and overhead construction techniques, permitting/franchise municipal requirements, and other industry standard system designs and equipment.
  • MS Office experience – working knowledge of Word, Power Point, Excel, Project.
  • Positive attitude, leadership qualities, well organized, dependable, and excellent listening skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience in planning and implementing outside plant infrastructures (Copper, Fiber and Aerial)
  • Knowledgeable/Experienced of the various ITU and Dutch Telecom laws/standards.
  • Knowledgeable/Experiences in the various Telecom standards and technologies e.g VOIP, SIP, SS7, E1, T1 and its implementation.
  • Experience with telecom equipment e.g. Metaswitch, Adtran, Zhone, Calix etc.


Interested persons please forward your applications in writing to:


St. Eustatius Telephone Company (Eutel N.V.)

Human Resource Department

Vantonningen weg z/n

St. Eustatius, N.A.

Tel: 318-2400, Fax: 318-2202


All Applications should be submitted no later than June 15th  2016

Network Operation Information Technology Technician Vacancy


The St. Eustatius Telephone Company is seeking a Network Operation “(NO)” /Information Technology “(IT)” Technician who can assist as an all-rounder both in the NO field and the IT field.




– Assist with technical support in the field

– Provides customer support through help desk services

– Maintain internal and external software solutions

– Develops and/or maintains internal databases both NO & IT department

– Implement and maintain network security



  • Associates Degree or equivalent in the field of Network Operation & Information


  • Minimal 3 years of experience in equivalent work environment
  • Experience / Industry recognized certification in networking or network

maintenance environment.

  • Knowledge of Telecommunication Industry
  • Ability to work independently
  • Flexible and client friendly
  • Fluent in English written and spoken


Interested persons please forward your applications in writing to:


St. Eustatius Telephone Company (Eutel N.V.)

Human Resource Department

Vantonningen weg z/n

St. Eustatius, N.A.

Tel: 318-2400, Fax: 318-2202


All Applications should be submitted no later than June 15th 2016


The constitutional status of St. Eustatius is too important to play political and mind games with.

Over the years we have seen our politicians at work. As a people one of our hope and prayer is that when we vote our leaders into office they would work in the best interest of the entire country. There is a well-known slogan that people on Statia use to describe how some of our politicians work. Statians describe some of their work ethics as working for “Friends, Family and Favor”. Although they see the country going to hell in a waste basket, as long as their families and friends are secure they ignore the status of the country. That is not only my experience on Statia, but also was the case within the whole former Netherlands Antilles. How many times over the years did the citizens of our country cry out because of the corruption that paved the way for the Netherlands to impose what they call “Higher Supervision”. Holland could not impose such harsh measures if they had no grounds to do so. Our own politicians helped create the situations that cause the masses to cry out to Holland to come and help us.
We who are in the kitchen are the ones who are feeling the heat. We have to live in the heat, we have to work in the heat and we have to continue surviving in the heat. It is easy to stand on the outside and say if you just do this or that you can overcome the heat. But what those on the outside fail to realize is that our experience of working in the heat over a life time have thought us a lot. We look for what is and who is actually helping us, irregardless of race. I know for a fact that many Statians feel that we are not ready at this moment to handle more autonomy. Just check the politicians track record. They keep letting the ball fall all the time. For years we sit on the street corner fretting about how the country is running. We know exactly who is doing what, because we are in the heat of the kitchen every day of our lives.
Now that the consequences are here due to some our politicians lack of integrity, wrongdoing, bias work ethics, and working solely in the interest of family, friend and favor, I say as one who is in the kitchen and feeling the heat: Time for a change. Until our politicians are mature enough to run our country in the interest of everyone, we open the door for Holland to run our affairs for us. Government after government sat in office and as a collective fail again and again to work together in the interest of our people.

For years when some of us got sick only a chosen few would get government grants/guarantee to travel abroad for further medical care. A chosen few had the privilege to travel to St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, Miami, or even Holland for medical care. Right now the ones in the kitchen feeling the heat, also get the same medical care across the board. Right now there are those of us that are terminally ill and are getting a chance at good medical care.
In times past the ones in the kitchen feeling the heat were told there is nothing we can do. It is too expensive to send you abroad. But those with money at that time and those with the right politician affiliation at that time got the help they needed. That is the heat in the kitchen that I am talking about. The leaks within the medical insurance right now needs fixing, yes. The procedures that are in place are not being adhered to by the patients at times. That’s a fact. But often times the workers in the office fall back in the old work ethics of “family, friends, favor”. That is some of the leaks that needs to be fix. The procedures that are in place are working in the interest of everyone, but the system needs to be adapted to ensure that some of the workers in the office do their jobs and work in the interest of every patient. As a patient I to had some issues with the procedures, but that was due to the fact that the procedures were not explained. That didn’t mean that the procedures are bad, it means that those executing the procedures have to learn how to do so objectively and not execute the procedures based on personal likes or dislikes or whether or not I am their friend. Again I say that doesn’t mean that the present status is bad. What needs to be fixed is the communication and working arrangement between doctor, patient and the workers at the medical insurance office.

When scholarships were handed out only a chosen few would be granted a scholarship to attended the top colleges. How much of us can send all of our children to school now, that it is free of charge. How much of us can now collect food stamps every month end to help put food in our bellies. A lot of people that need food stamp to help them out of their situation still don’t know about this kind of help that is available.
These are some of the help we are now getting to help alleviate some of the heat we are feeling in the kitchen. These are some of the reasons why I am convinced at this moment that we only need to fix the leaks and not change the roof. In times past individuals who had the better paying jobs and didn’t needed aid (we used to call it “understand”) got that free money because of the political affiliation. We all know what use to go on and is still going on with the Golden Rock houses. These are low income residents. The issue of rent that is being paid at the moment is a political hot potato, that no politician will touch because again it will cause him or her a vote or two. If our local politicians never had the courage to tackle this problem, why should I believe with more autonomy they will.

None of us like the tax system that is in place, but on the other hand if we demand that the government give us what we have rights to, the money must come from somewhere. If we are given more autonomy will we have to pay less tax? A lot of the tax laws that were always on the books were never implemented. With our present status a lot of the laws that have always excited are now being implemented. Had our local government in times pass implement those laws it would have undoubtedly cause them the elections. Right now that is not the case. We have to pay our taxes in one way or the other. If we don’t pay our taxes we would not be able in enjoy the benefits we get by paying taxes. We demand a good medical insurance with the best possible medical care, we demand decent road to drive on, we demand an educational system for our children that will help them compete in today’s market. Does demands come with a price. So some way somehow we have to pay taxes. We don’t want to settle for mediocre service. We want the very best for our hard earn money. We demand this from government. If our demands are so high then we have to expect that we will have to pay tax in some from or the other. For years a lot of us never paid taxes. Now that time is over.
Some feel that Nustar is the solution to all our financial problems. I respectfully disagree. Nustar can decided to leave at anytime if doing business on St. Eustatius in not profitable to them. I have trouble rationalizing that giving what we have now to solely depend on Nustar is a good thing. Nustar will have the monopoly regarding our income. If I take Winair as an example, a company that is part of us and have the monopoly on air travel on Statia. Look at the high price for the tickets. We can’t do anything about the high prices for years. If I am not mistaken Nustar is an American company. If they become our sole income they can do what they want. They will have the monopoly. When we had more autonomy in the times we were still in the Netherlands Antilles, our leaders sat at the bargaining table with Nustar and told them we don’t have the expertise in house to bargain with so you (Nustar) make us a proposal. After Nustar put their proposal on the table we complain that the can afford to give us more. This is the company that you want me to trust from the position of monopoly.

I know that my opinion on the following matters is going to cause some unrest. I have been criticized regarding my opinion on price control issues. Laws concerning prices controls were always in existence, but never implemented. Long before the Chinese restaurants and supermarkets were all over Statia, Statians complained of the high prices we had to pay for groceries and other items in our local businesses. Now that we have so many foreign businesses our local business owners use the fact that there is so many foreign businesses to compete with they have to raise their prices. My experience taught me different. The prices were high even before the Chinese came to Statia. Some of our local business owners set the profit they want to make at the end of the year. Then no matter what the tax office charge, then set their prices to meet the profit goal that they set for themselves. Even after the tax office said that certain goods would not be taxed, the businesses, including our local business owners, never changed the high prices on their goods. The excuse was: The price is high because of the high taxes. Now we know what they have to pay tax on and what they don’t have to pay tax on. When we ask but why you didn’t drop the price on those goods. The excuse they come with now is: We have to pay high freight for the shipping.
Are the high prices due to the tax, or is it greed? Does this mean that the present tax system doesn’t work, does it mean that we need more autonomy, or does it mean that we just need to fix the leaks.

Now if somebody wants to convince me that changing the roof is the best way forward, then your message must have substance. You need to address the aforementioned issues. We have been fooled to many times, and had to many promises made and when our chosen candidate gets in government, they forget the country and follow the “friend, family and favor” principle. My opinion that fixing the leaks seems to be the best way forward is based on the heat in the kitchen that is finally subsiding at this moment. We see it happening now, we are living it now. Trusting the next politician that tells me lets go back to how it was, but this time with more autonomy, is hard. That politician promising me that I will work in the interest of the country this time is again asking me to trust him or her. They are asking me to trust their whole political party, which include other candidates with their own visions, likes and dislikes. A party board with their own agenda. When one politician ask me to put trust in him or her they are asking a lot of me, seeing the track record of politics on Statia over the years.
Within the former Netherlands Antilles we had more autonomy and the track record that is recorded in history was “friend, family, favor” above country. I am convinced and resolute in my thinking and I believe strongly in my stands. Anyone with a message that we need to completely change what we have now, have to know what they are talking about, must be also resolute, clear and convincing. When I tell you why and what I believe and that offends you, then you have a very weak message. I consider this a very serious matter that is going to either break or better Statia. So anyone that want to dialogue and debate this matter must have a well balance, thought out, researched, comprehensive message. Persons with personal political affiliations or agenda’s that don’t have Statia at heart can better take their message elsewhere. If your message is more autonomy is better and in the same breath tell me that Statia don’t have any leaders then what am I going to do with more autonomy. Your message is confusing. Who do you purpose to be the leaders to govern us. Are those leaders capable of handling more autonomy. Our political leaders have a track record that speaks for itself.
Yes, our forefather fought, bled, suffered and even died fighting for more autonomy, which we had under the Netherlands Antilles. “We” messed it up. Our leaders that we keep putting in power messed it up. When we can prove that we are working in the best interest Statia as a whole then we can consider more autonomy. When we can guarantee integrity, no corruption, fairness, equal treatment, transparency, and all the requirements of good governance. It is sad to see that persons are not informed enough on our present status and are being asked to change to a status they we know even less about. Everybody is now playing the blaming game. Who should inform the public.
There is an old political strategy that has been used for years on Statia. If you can’t convince somebody to see thing your way, create confusion, create conflict, try to discredit the person. The constitutional status of Statia is too important to play political and mind games with.
Stop fooling the people and start telling people the truth. Present the information objectively form both sides. The present status and your purposed status and then let people make up their own minds on how to move forward.

Wendy Hodge

Conference for better study results

Press Release


Kralendijk, September 30th , 2014




Which measures and facilities are needed to enable more students from the former Netherlands Antilles to successfully finish their studies broad? This was the central question during the conference “Studying abroad” on September 29 and 30 in Kralendijk, Bonaire. Participants included, besides the study counselors of the islands, representatives of DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs), Study Financing and the various education-related institutions, responsible for the preparation and guidance of students who leave their island to study abroad. 


Under the guidance of moderator Inge Berben (director of Fundashon FORMA for adult education and training) the participants exchanged knowledge and experiences and reached consensus about a set of measures, needed for the improvement of the following aspects concerning studying abroad:

•          the preparation of future students on their own island;

•           the guidance of students on arrival and during their studies in The Netherlands and in the region;

•           the establisment  of a central database containing information about recognized learning institutions in the region.


Representatives of institutions from Curaçao, Aruba, St. Maarten and the islands of the Caribbean Netherlands provided insight in the way they tackle the preparation and guidance of students abroad through presentations. These made clear that the islands currently approach these aspects in their own way. The participants agreed that an integral approach is needed, combining the best practices and experiences of the individual islands.


They decided on the formation of a central platform ”Studying abroad”, with participants from each of the islands. The platform’s mission will be to identify, initiate  and coordinate the actions needed to create a blueprint for a central preparatory and guidance program. This will enable each island to subsequently make its own choices for the establishment of the preparatory and guidance programs, based on the islands’ own vision and responsibility. The platform will become operational before the end of this calendar year to formulate clear goals and the activities needed to realize them. The formation and start-up of this platform will be guided by the department of OCW (Education, Culture and Science) within the Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland (RCN), which also initiated this conference.


Experiences from the islands make clear that students who pursue their studies in the region in general have a higher success rate and experience fewer problems adapting to the life and culture abroad as well as language-related problems that usually stand in the way of a successful studying career. An inventory of schools for further education in the region proved the existence of an ample offering of recognized education institutes in the Caribbean region. Besides that, it became clear that cooperation agreements with some relatively expensive institutions can result in possibilities for reaching college fees that can be paid completely or in great part through study financing.

The program was concluded by the Foundation “Studiekeuze 1 2 3” (independent supplier of study selection information within the Netherlands, through the website amongst others) which presented a proposal for expanding the existing database of European Dutch education institutions by adding the offering in the Caribbean region. How this information should be included in the database and disclosed through island websites, will be one of the topics dealt with by the platform “Studying in the region”.  


Criminal behavior

On Wednesday August 20th, 2014, two young men were sent to Bonaire for pre-trail detention.   They are suspected of committing various robberies on the island.   I do not know the intricacies of the two cases to comment on these charges and will absolutely make no attempt to do so.   What I will state is that on this day, many more individuals should have taken the trip to Bonaire with them.


Included on this trip to Bonaire should be those individuals committing white collar crimes.   In criminology the two young men now in Bonaire are accused of committing what is referred to as blue collar crimes.  Blue collar crimes are those crimes committed by individuals from a lower social class.  Let’s just say those who are disenfranchised-not making enough money to survive or not presented with the opportunity to improve one’s standing in society.  In addition to blue collar crimes, there are also white collar crimes or those committed by individuals of a higher-level social class.  It is a simple fact that there is often an increase in the number of blue collar crimes when a significant number of white collar crimes are being committed. 


White collar crimes often go unprosecuted because they are insidious meaning that they cause harm in a way that is gradual or not easily noticed.  One such white collar crime is direct embezzlement.  Direct embezzlement entails the theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one’s trust or belonging to one’s employer.  Without mentioning any specifics, if there was no embezzlement, there would be more money to spend on projects that are important to the development of the island’s infrastructure.  This would increase the number of jobs available to employ the nations youth so that they would not have to commit crimes.  Send them to Bonaire.


There is also the indirect embezzler.  This is someone who hoard’s money.  These people make sure that they set up themselves so that the money that comes to the island goes directly into their own pockets.  Thus, all the financial capital remains in the hands of one or two individuals who for some unknown reason have been able to, and are continually allowed to, strategically place themselves into a prominent position.  These types of crimes happen so often on this small island that it has just become normal and accepted.  It is time to identify this type of behavior, prosecute and give them a free trip to Bonaire.   

Another type of crime that is now ingrained in Statia’s culture is defamation of character.  Defamation of character is any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person’s reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable options or feelings against the person.  The vehicle for the defamation of a person’s character is gossip.  Gossip is the idle talk or rumor, especially about personal or private affairs of others.  While gossip is a normal characteristic of humanity, it becomes very harmful and dangerous in a small community when gossip is directly intended to isolate and disenfranchise certain individuals.  Thus, based on many ideas that may or may not be true (personal business is really just NO ONE’S BUSINESS), individuals are denied jobs or are just simply treated in a disrespectful manner.  Defamation of character can be a criminal or civil crime. It encompasses both written statements and spoken statements, called slander.  Gossip simply can hurt people’s livelihood and those who practice this behavior should be prosecuted and placed on the plane to Bonaire. 

Yet another category of disturbing crimes which go unnoticed and often not prosecuted is the violence against women and children.  Violence and abuse affect women and children from all kinds of backgrounds every day. Sometimes, women and children are attacked by strangers, but most often they are hurt by people who are close to them. Violence and abuse can cause terrible physical and emotional pain.  Any violence including sexual abuse (penetration of a non-consenting individual) is unacceptable and should not be tolerated by the people of Statia.  Individuals who intentionally abuse women and children should be prosecuted, put on a plane and placed under the jail in Bonaire. 

Unfortunately, many of the examples of the crimes mentioned above do not get prosecuted.  As a result these people are seldom punished and are empowered to continue their criminal tendencies.  If this pathological trend continues, Statia’s development WILL be inhibited and its people WILL fail to flourish.  If you wish to become knowledgeable of the new BES law you may visit  Let’s move forward with a zero tolerance attitude so that this beautiful island can blossom and reach its full potential.  


DC Pearls groot succes

We hebben zaterdag 14 juni een fantastisch feest meegemaakt in Rotterdam.

Het was de derde keer dat Ocan, Overlegorgaan Caribische Nederlanders het DC Pearls award gala organiseert.

Een van de aanwezigen zei de volgende dag: “Het leek wel een feel good movie.” Ik denk dat die omschrijving de beste omschrijving is die je van het gala kan geven. A feel good movie!! Iemand anders zei: “This will one day become a major event for Antillans in the Netherlands.” Het lijkt erop dat dat het al is, want volgens mij hadden we the best and the finest van de Caribbean allemaal bij elkaar!

Wetenschappers, kunstenaars, muzikanten, ondernemers, sociaal ondernemers, studenten, iedereen die genomineerd was er en iedereen had op zijn beurt weer mooie, stralende mensen meegenomen.

Alle vrouwen waren op en top in gala. Ik stond in de lift en het rook er als in een parfumerie!

Er waren heel veel mooie jonge slanke meisjes met strakke lange jurken en hoge hakken en een van die prinsesjes was Nataly Linzey. Nataly Linzey, Sabaanse, won de DC Pearl award in de categorie studenten en wij van Statia en Saba waren er om haar toe te juichen.

Het was best wel een Statiaans Sabaans feestje, want onze Statiaanse Shirma Rouse won de DC Pearl award in de categorie “music and entertainment”,  Kizzy Getrouw (Statiaanse moeder) deed de presentatie van de avond en Mischulaikah Richardson (een van de meest opvallende beauties: Statiaanse vader) was een genomineerde, en voor wie kwam Statianews? Voor onze bovenstebeste Jean Marie Molina. Helaas, helaas, ze won niet.

Ze kon ook niet winnen, want degene die de award in haar categorie (community) kreeg was Quinsy Gario! Quinsy Gario die zoveel aandacht heeft gekregen met zijn anti-Zwarte Piet acties, die volgens de jury “Het racisme op de kaart heeft gezet” in het debat in Nederland, hij moest wel winnen….

Maar Shirma won wel en het was even spannend in de zaal. Was ze toch gekomen? Veel mensen keken naar achteren, zou ze door het gangpad komen aanlopen naar het podium toe?

Nee, helaas!

Gelukkig was commissioner Carlyle Tearr er wel, hij nam de award voor haar aan.

Volgend jaar moet Shirma komen, want dan gaat ze de nieuwe DC Pearl toespreken als die zijn of haar award krijgt!!

De avond begon met een netwerk borrel. Tijdens die netwerk borrel was er ruimte voor een speech van Glenn Helberg en van Ronald Plasterk.

Glenn Helberg, het gezicht van Ocan, begon met een uitleg over de groet van de Masai: “Kasserian Ingera”.

“Kasserian Ingera” betekent: “hoe gaat het met de kinderen.” Bij de Masai gaat het met iedereen goed als het met de kinderen goed gaat. Je hoeft zelf geen kinderen te hebben om te vragen: “Hoe gaat het met de kinderen”, Kasserian Ingera. Het is altijd een van de speerpunten van Ocan geweest: de zorg om kinderen. Kinderen zijn de toekomst. Glenn wees de aanwezigen op hun verantwoordelijkheid als rolmodel voor de nieuwe generatie en prees iedereen die gekomen was: “Jullie zijn allemaal Pearls!” was een uitspraak die we op deze prachtige avond meerdere keren te horen kregen.

De toespraak van Minister Plasterk was erg ontspannen. Zijn speech begon met een spontane opmerking: “Wat zijn jullie mooi!!” Daarna vertelde hij hoe fijn hij het vindt dat de eilanden bij Nederland horen en hoe goed het is dat er zoveel succesvolle Caribische Nederlanders zijn.

Hieronder een foto-impressie van de avond. De foto’s zijn met toestemming van facebook gekopieerd. Na de uitreiking van de awards ging het feest nog tot een uur of vier door.

colorful audience







Zaal was “packed”

alle genomineerden







Alle genomineerden “on stage”

statia represented







Jean Marie en een paar van haar fans. (vlnr Denese Berkel, “Fruta Prohibida”, Lena Courtar, Koos Sneek, Carlyle Tearr, Alida Francis)












Kizzy interviewt Quinsy Gario nadat hij de Community award heeft gewonnen.

miek lena en leerdam







Schrijver dezes, Lena Courtar and Roseline Leerdam in gesprek op de netwerkborrel

nataly alida jean marie







Nataly Linzey (Student Pearl), Alida Francis en Jean Marie Molina

Voor de volledigheid:

1.The Community Pearl: Quinsy Gario
2.The Science Pearl: Jerson Martina
3.The Art & Literature Pearl: Ira & Ayra Kip
4.The Sports Pearl: Odilio Kurt
5.The Music & Entertainment Pearl: Shirma Rouse
6.The Business Pearl: Annemarie Nodelijk
7.The Student Pearl: Nataly Linzey
8.Most Outstanding Pearl: Jeffrey Williams

De genomineerden waren:

‘Community’: Ingemar Francisca, Quinsy Gario, Mischulaikah Richardson, Jean Marie Molina, Vanessa Anthony.

‘Science’: Aubrich Bakhuis, Marlon Titre, Jerson Martina, Valika Smeulders, Ingemar Merkies.

‘Business’: Tico Nicolaas, Tirzah Libert, Jefferson Martina, Annemarie Nodelijk, Germain Statia.

‘Art & literature’: Jengo Amadi, Iri & Ayra Kip, Raphael Sorton, Uri Eugenio, Wensly Francisco.

‘Sport’: Odilio Kurt, Sidney Bito, Denise Kielholtz, Riechedly Bazoer, Earl Blijd.

‘Music & Entertainment’: Imara Thomas, Shirma Rouse, Vanity Mac-Intosh, Vernon Chatlein, Ir-sais.


“We hebben de zon tevoorschijn verteld!”

Middelburg, 14 juni 2014

Op het Abdijplein in Middelburg, tegenover het Zeeuws museum vond zaterdag 14 juni de Nationale herdenking van de afschaffing van de slavenhandel plaats. De verhalen van Wijnand Stomp (DC Pearl Arts and Literature 2013) namen een centrale plaats in op deze dag. Om twee uur begon onder de monumentale boom op het plein zijn doorlopende voorstelling “De Kracht van het Verhaal”, waarin hij zoals hij het noemt “de zwarte bladzijde van ons geschiedenisboek voorleest.”

“De Kracht van het Verhaal” is een multimediaal spektakel, waarin Wijnand Stomp als zichzelf en als  tante Jewel de mensen aan het lachen krijgt en ook aan het denken zet. “Het is nog niet voorbij..” zegt Wijnand Stomp in alle ernst, en even later speelt hij als de hilarische tante Jewel een domino/slavernij kennis quiz met het publiek. Handig bespeelt Stomp het publiek met een afgemeten portie ernst en een flinke scheut humor. Theater wordt afgewisseld door film: fragmenten van de filmopnames die voor de “Kracht van het Verhaal” zijn gemaakt worden vertoond.

Wijnand Stomp is samen met documentaire maker Jean Hellwig op zoek gegaan naar verhalen over het slavernijverleden in Zeeland, in Ghana en op St. Eustatius. Deze verhalen hebben inspiratie gegeven voor een serie Anansi verhalen. Anansi is het spinnetje dat met list en bedrog anderen slimmer af is of zichzelf uit de nesten werkt. Wijnand Stomp legt uit dat die verhalen zijn oorsprong in Afrika hebben, al voor de tijd van de transatlantische slavenhandel en dat ze met de slavenhandel mee zijn gereisd. Het hoogtepunt van de voorstelling op het Abdijplein was het Afrikaanse Anansiverhaal, dat Wijnand heeft gemaakt naar aanleiding van de verhalen over de slavenhandel in Afrika.

Het project “De Kracht van het Verhaal” gaat na deze kick off het land in met workshops verhalen vertellen, optredens en vertoningen.

Dit geluidsfragment geeft een impressie van het theaterstuk.

middelburg 4 middelburg 3 middelburg 2 middelburg 1


Feasibility study regarding instruction language on St. Eustatius progressing

(RCN Press release)

Feasibility study regarding instruction language on St. Eustatius  progressing

Last week, members of the study group that is conducting out a  feasibility study regarding the instruction language on St. Eustatius visited  the island for the second time. The feasibility study follows the linguistic  study “Language of instruction in Sint Eustatius”, which was performed in 2013.  The linguistic study presented two options for the future language policy of St.  Eustatius. Both options are based on English as the language of instruction with  Dutch as a strong foreign language. That study did not include the feasibility  of the options brought forward.

Following the first phase of the investigations into the  school instruction language a feasibility study is now being conducted into the  possible language policy scenarios. The study includes two additional options  that were introduced by the State Secretary of Education, Culture and Science  (OCW). The first additional option is: a continuation of the present system but  with a number of adaptations. The second additional optional, like the options  presented in the first reseach, is based on English as the language of  instruction with Dutch as a foreign language, combined with the use of exams  from the Caribbean Examination Council.

The feasibility study deals with three  questions:

  • Which adaptations would be necessary, for instance in   terms of the methods, materials, exams and teachers?
  • Which are the expected consequences, e.g. for the   results and the possibilities for further education?
  • How should a possible transition be tackled, for   instance: what would it mean for the current   pupils?

The study group is formed by education expert Tineke  Drenthe (chair), the Curaçao anthropologist Rose Mary Allen, Antilles expert  professor Gert Oostindie and professor in education Wim Meijnen. The second  visit was made by Tineke Drenthe, Rose Mary Allen and Gert Oostindie, with the  support of secretary Monica van Leeuwen-Laan of the Ministry of Education,  Culture and Sciences. During this first visit the team spoke with many education  stakeholders and experts.
During the second visit to St. Eustatius the  group spoke with many education stakeholders and experts, including pupils,  parents, teachers, school principals and board members. The team also visited  Saba and St. Maarten, where they also spoke to experts.
The report will  be discussed with commissioner of Education Zaandam (Sint Eustatius) early in  June. The State Secretary of OCW and the Executive Council of St. Eustatius will  discus the results of the feasibility study during the Caribbean Netherlands  week in June next.


The objective of the feasibility study is to make it  possible for State Secretary Sander Dekker of OCW to take a well-founded  decision in June next on the language policy to be pursued in St. Eustatius. If  it is decided to proceed to adaptation of the instruction language regime, it  will be laid down in the law. The regime will then apply to all schools on the  island.


Tineke Drenthe, Rose Mary Allen, Gert Oostindie and Monica  van Leeuwen-Laan during a visit to Fort Oranje on St.  Eustatius.