Google Shopping ads are a great marketing alternative for your online store on Shopify. They help to enhance your conversion rate as you get a chance to promote your product images with descriptions and other details. These are displayed on top of organic search results. 

Google shopping ads differ from regular paid search ads. You have to send Google the product details, which is popular as ‘Merchant Feed’. It is a spreadsheet, you can create manually. It takes time to update this feed manually because the stock level and price of products fluctuate and to stay on Google the details must always match with your website product data.

Online Shopify store owners have started using Promonavigator, a program designed to create product feeds and Google Smart Shopping ad campaigns. Visit to download and install the app. Here are some awesome reasons for Merchant Feed automation.

Saves time & money

Eliminating the bulky manual process in creating Merchant feed automatically is efficient. Less time is spent in gathering and storing data and more attention is paid to Google Shopping campaign optimization for making more money. 

Less chance of errors

Manual data entry is prone to errors. The staff has to investigate and resolve them. It is only identified when the product is disapproved on Google Shopping. It turns into a time-consuming process. Merchant Feed automation means high accuracy.


If your inventory is small then manual feeds are convenient but the moment volume increases maintaining becomes time-consuming, especially if the extensive range of products is sold. Automated feed helps to handle the extensiveness of products with ease. 


Product information has to be consistent across every channel. It is necessary to avoid confusion and offer a great user experience. Maintaining consistency manually is hard, but automation removes this because it is capable to keep shopping activities in sync with site changes.

Real-time updates

Manual feeds need regular updates like when the product sells out or if sales are hosted for a specific time, etc. are elements that need to be recorded. Automated feed automatically updates if the product sells out and the ads will not show after the planned sales period. 

SEO benefits

As every product is eligible to be displayed as ads, there is a need to find the relevant search term. Keyword research is also crucial. Automation programs include keyword planners that can help in integrating search terms in the description and title attributes. 

Low disapproval rates

Automated Merchant feed matches the product information accurately. If it does not match then Google disapproves your product ad from displaying. Even if the problem is fixed, it takes several days for it to regain eligibility. If your sales period is approaching soon, then this can turn out to be a nightmare.

Worse still – your Merchant Feed can be completely suspended in case of multiple discrepancies. Fortunately, automation prevents the occurrence of multiple disapprovals. It ensures that your ads are displayed as many as possible.

Manually creating Merchant Feed is frustrating even when adding new products or fixing disapproval issues. Automated feed creation removes spending time over a massive spreadsheet and it helps to manage the campaign efficiently. 

By Annie

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