The core of a building is often the bricks used. Is your brick the right one for your dream house? And do you need a brick elevator hire? This is a list listing the most popular types of bricks and which ones you should use to build your dream house.

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What Are The Pros Of Bricks For Construction?

  • Brick is a long-lasting material that is strong and durable.
  • Brick is fireproof and can withstand high temperatures.
  • Brick doesn’t require paint to protect it from the elements.
  • You can address individual brick problems without having to remove and rebuild the whole structure.
  • Bricks are made from readily available clay and can be created locally without the need to ship them. This means that brick construction may be more affordable than stone, concrete, or even steel.
  • Bricks are vital to construction. They are often the base of the construction. The modern bricks used for building construction are more durable and stable, at a lower price.

Which Bricks Are Best For Construction?

1. Sun-Dried Bricks

The most basic type of bricks, unburnt bricks, or sundried blocks, are the first and best. This is the name of the brick-making process. They can be dried in the sunlight for hardening and not burned. These bricks are commonly used in rural areas or temporary structures. They are less strong and more susceptible to fire and water, so they should be left for temporary constructions.

2. Bricks Of Burnt Clay

It is one of the most popular types of bricks used for construction. They are mainly made up of four types.

  • First-class bricks (best quality bricks)
  • Second class bricks (moderate quality)
  • Third class bricks (poor Quality)
  • Fourth-class bricks (overburnt and in an irregular shape)

3. Flying Ash Bricks

It is used in masonry because it contains either class C or class F fly ash. Because of its high level of calcium oxide, class C fly ash is one of the most preferred bricks for building foundations, walls, and pillars. Also known as “self-cementing” brick.


  • High Fire Insulation
  • High Strength
  • Uniform Sizes for Better Joints & Plaster
  • Lower Water Penetration.
  • They can be used immediately without the need for soaking. Fly ash bricks are a popular choice for brick construction .

4. Concrete Bricks

Constructed with concrete using ingredients such as cement, water, and sand. They can be made into bricks of all sizes and types. Concrete bricks can be made at construction sites, which is why they are preferred over clay bricks. This helps reduce the amount of mortar necessary for construction. Another type of brick that is very popular in construction is called “Brick”.

5. Engineering Bricks

Engineering bricks are used primarily for their strength and resistance to cold and fire. These bricks are used most often in basements that require more chemical and water resistance than the average. They are also noted for their low porosity. One of the most popular types of bricks in construction is strong.

6. Bricks Made Of Calcium Silicate Or Sand Limestone

They are made using lime and sand, also known as sand-lime. These bricks can be used for artistic purposes, such as ornamental or architectural works.

These bricks are chemically-set bricks. The process involves using heat and pressure elements to accelerate the chemical reaction. Artists use them to shine their art.

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