3D configurators can be found everywhere and they put the “customer” in customer. Online configurators make it easy for customers to shop for shoes or suits, cars, or cabinets online.

Although some brands are adopting more technology, others still rely on low-tech approaches that combine photography and one angle. The result is only a small part of what it could be. It will be brands that combine real-time rendering technology with gaming technology such Unity 3D, Unity 3D, and Unreal Engine to create interactive experiences that are fully immersive and photo-realistic that capture customers’ imaginations — and their attention.

3D configuration has made great strides. 3D models have been limited to the specific workstation where they were configured in the past. Cloud rendering solutions and real-time streaming, along with the proliferation of mobile devices and faster network speeds; have created an environment in which customers can share product configurations at light speed.

This has encouraged businesses to be more innovative and provide immersive customer experiences.

Potential homebuyers can tour 3D properties and design their own homes or condos.

Interactive 3D product configuration is rapidly becoming more popular. These key areas are essential to ensure your 3D configuration experience is a great success.

1. You will knock customers’ socks off

A 3D configurator needs to have an enviable wow factor that blows away customers. Customers might not realize that there are so many options. It’s important to make every configuration as accurate and photo-realistic as possible so that buyers are fully aware of how small changes can impact the overall product.

Unity and Unreal engine are both game engines that do this by turning CAD files into 3D renderings with incredible detail. Customers can feel as if they could touch and feel the products.

These engines power some of the most popular videogames in the world and provide the opportunity for customers to have an unforgettable interactive brand experience. These 3D immersive experiences are delivered via extended reality platforms, VR/AR, and mobile devices.

2. Don’t overwhelm customers

Too many options can confuse customers. Customers may lose sight of their purchase if the 3D configuration feels too like a game. Customers can personalize the product with the best product configurators without spending hours creating it from scratch.

3. be able to see customers clearly from a restricted angle

3D configurators made from 2D images are not immersive enough to allow users to interact with a product. Selling a car Customers can tour the car, take the trunk out, and listen to their favorite radio station via the speakers. Selling a home? Instead of posting pictures that homebuyers will need to piece together with the help of a static plan image, let them take a walk through the space. It’s possible to imagine all the possibilities.

4. Create your configurator to serve the masses

Even the best 3D configuration tool is useless if it is only accessible to a very small number of people who own powerful gaming computers. Today’s users want to access from any device, any time, and anywhere. A cloud streaming solution that’s cost-effective, scalable, and high-performance is required.

5. Activate real-time interactivity and collaboration

Collaboration is key to business-to-business product designs. Retailers can stream their 3D configurations into a shared meeting space so they can communicate with buyers who are designing their dream products. This feature is particularly helpful for manufacturing, where buyers might have many options or a large price tag.

Product configurators allow you to Livestream your configuration as it are being built and share it with family and friends so that they can get immediate feedback. 3d configurator allows builders and real estate agents to communicate in real-time with potential homebuyers.

6. Marketing effectively will increase engagement

Make sure you have a plan for digital marketing to maximize your configurator’s return on investment. Get traffic from the best online channels. Make sure to feature your configurator prominently on your website. A 3D configurator interactive can help you increase your cost per visit on Google and social media. This will allow you to get higher conversions and engagement.

7. Make it shareable

A social optimization is a powerful tool that can help increase your configurator’s reach. Your users will become your ambassadors and spread the word about your configurator using the built-in tools. You can also collect data about popular product configurations that you can use to inform your company’s marketing and inventory management strategies.

A 3d product configurator is a powerful tool in marketing, sales, lead generation, and marketing. But it’s only getting more powerful as the opportunities for implementation expand to new industries such as manufacturing and real estate. 3D configurators made with game engines such as Unreal can be complicated. Make sure to have a plan in place to increase awareness and engagement online. Make sure you carefully consider the above factors and reach out to professionals to help you determine your budget for content creation.

By Annie

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