The cannabis mysteries in sports

Marijuana and sports, which many people consider to be diametrically opposed, are actually more closely linked than we may assume. Many athletes use it for rehabilitation, whether physical or mental, in addition to recreational use. Many people think that marijuana has a place in sports, according to a poll of 1,000 sports enthusiasts, but there are differences of opinion between the lines, as there always are.

We asked respondents what criteria must be satisfied before they feel comfortable with athletes using marijuana. Some of them were outlined, while others were adamantly opposed to it. Let’s look at both sides of the issue to determine whether there’s a divide between players and the general public when it comes to marijuana and sports.

There are certain requirements.

The most widely agreed-upon condition that would make people feel okay with athletes taking marijuana for pain relief was if they were doing it for medical reasons. More over 60% of those polled agreed that they could use it in the privacy of their own home to relieve tension or anxiety, or to aid sleep. Only a few people (8.5%) thought it should be ingested under any circumstances.

Over half of those polled opposed marijuana use in sports because they were concerned about players playing while inebriated, and just under half thought it would set a terrible example for children or hurt their performance.

Surprisingly, 60 percent said they would oppose athlete use if it kept their performance levels the same, while 53.2 percent said the same if it enhanced their performance levels. While marijuana has both good and bad effects, certain athletes may benefit from it by reducing stiffness and discomfort, enhancing sleep, and lowering anxiety. Many people argue that these benefits are unjust.


When it came to evaluating superstars from a number of sports leagues, more over half of those polled said they wouldn’t change their minds if they were caught smoking marijuana, and the remainder were evenly split between negative and favorable responses.

Cbd as a supplement

In terms of cbd, 67.1 percent of respondents say it should be entirely legal in professional sports, while over a third of all fans polled believe it is okay provided certain criteria are satisfied. Only 11.8 percent believed it was inappropriate for athletes to use.

Cannabis and sports: What’s next?

Many individuals support marijuana use in professional sports leagues, as we’ve found, but some would prefer to see specific criteria satisfied before they support it. Many sportsmen benefit from marijuana and cbd products, and certain athletes, are working to dispel the stigma around these products.

As cannabis becomes more widely approved, athletes will be free to use the items they believe they require without fear of being punished. Athletes will likely choose only the greatest marijuana and cbd products for their recovery and pain management requirements, just as they get the best of science and sports medicine.

As cannabis becomes increasingly recognised in society, athletes will be free to consume the items they believe they need to keep in the best form possible without fear of being punished. Athletes will likely choose only the best marijuana and CBD products for their recovery and pain management requirements, just as they do for science and sports medicine. Aceite cbd españa offers some of the most high-end CBD products on the market, concentrating on non-GMO and organic ingredients for the most demanding customers, from professional athletes to those who choose companies that have a good environmental effect.

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