A letter to the Statian Child

A letter to the Statian child

Drs. Jean Marie Molina


Hello child of Statia,

How are you? I hope my words find you in the best of health and happiness! Today I would like to make time to tell you some very important things. I know you might be wondering, who I am, and why I chose to write this letter to you. But, who I am is not important. What really matters is who you are.

Child of Statia who are you? When I ask you this question I do not mean who is your father or mother, where you were born or what your nationality is.  I want to know who you are inside. I want to know what your dreams are. What you wish to become in life, and why. What makes you smile and laugh? I even want to know what makes you cry. More importantly, you need to know these things about yourself. If you know who you are, then you know what you can do, and where you can go in life.

Child of Statia, I want you to know that you are amazing. You are a gift to your parents and the world. You are special. You have the right to be happy. To think your own thoughts. To share your opinions with others and to stand up for what you believe in.

Child of Statia, I want you to know that you are intelligent. You often understand the world far better than us adults do. You know things, many things, and you must be proud of what you know. When you do not know, ask questions. Continue to ask them until the answers you get satisfy you. Adults don’t know everything but they know a lot you can learn from them and they can learn from you

Child of Statia, you are good enough. Just as you are. You were made perfectly. There is nothing wrong with you. Being different in whatever way means simply that: different. There is no good or bad when it comes to being who you are. Be yourself! That is the one thing that only you can do. So do it to the best of your ability.

Child of Statia, having an education is important. It starts with getting good grades. Studying and applying yourself is good for you! Do you sometimes get angry? Do adults do things that you do not agree with, or that you feel you can do better? Do you disagree with the decisions our leaders make? Then go to school, study hard, do your best. And then, when you are grown, and even know you can change things. You have the power to create your own destiny. But first you must understand the world. Having an education will help you do that. It will open doors you could never imagine it would. It will take you places, you never knew existed. It will help turn your dreams into reality. It will help you become who you are meant to be. So please go to school and stay there until your task is done!

Child of Statia, do not be afraid. Fear paralyzes people. It stops them from doing what they know is right. You must always do what is right, because it is right. Doing the right thing helps you and those whom you care about. It makes the world a better place. Do not worry about those who may tease you. Who may mock you. Remember this, them teasing you shows their fear of you and what you can do. They can see your potential. If they can see it, that shows how great it is.  Never let them win. Never let them break your spirit. Use their words, their negativity to push yourself forward. Stand up for what you believe in no matter what.

Child of Statia, we all make mistakes. Adults make them all the time, and so will you. But never let your mistakes or the mistakes of others define you. Let people’s words remain words. Their words never have to become your reality. If you have done something wrong. If others constantly say your name with scorn. Prove them all wrong, by picking up and pressing on.

Child of Statia, sex can wait. There will come a time when your body and mind will change. You will feel many strange and wonderful things. Nothing is wrong with those things or you.  But, you may be too young to understand and deal with these things the right way. Do not let your curiosity and the urges of your body decide for or control you. Sometimes your mind will play tricks on you, and that could get you into situations you are not ready for. Instead talk to someone you know you can trust. Be responsible for yourself and your behaviour. All actions have consequences so weigh your actions well.

Child of Statia, I believe in you! I believe in the power that rests deep in your soul. I believe that you can be your very best. I believe that you can change your home, your school, your church, your island, your world! There is much potential in you. It will only come out if you allow it to. Believe in yourself. Have faith in what you can do. Because you can do it. You can be what you were called to be. I expect nothing less from you. You should never accept anything less of yourself.

Child of Statia, I love you……

Child of Statia, I hope to hear from you. Feel free to contact me and tell me about your journey to greatness; callipaedia@gmail.com.

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  1. Child of Statia it is my fervent hope that this heartwarming message will help your heart to beat with passion to be the best that you can be. Thank you Drs. Jean Marie Molina. God has equipped you for a time like this. God knows this is what this generation needs to hear right now.

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