A non issue

Why would anyone want to be considered a local? What is so important? Why is it an issue? I would love that question answered. I have been coming to Statia every other year since I was 2 and I live here now permanently for 17 years. My entire family isĀ from here yet I am not a local, don’t want to be considered one becuz I am not. I was born on Curacao, raised on St. Maarten and consider myself a St. Maartener because that’s where I was raised. And whatever I consider myself to be still isn’t putting food on my table or paying my taxes. If someone has to ask and wonder then they are not a local…. move on, there’s nothing to see here. Be proud of who you are and where you come from. And just be happy to be living on Statia. Until we regress to separate water coolers for locals and non-locals (if you get my drift) let’s stop giving weight to the debate. Its a non-issue.

By Jessica Berkel (quoted from facebook with permission)