Back Yard Gardening

(from GIS, picture from carib life style)

There is room for 20 persons to join this trip to Nevis for free.
The Agriculture Department is encouraging housewives and persons who may be interested in taking up farming, local farmers to sign up to the Pilot Project on Back Yard Gardening to be held in Nevis at the Fair on Thursday, March 21st 2013. The Island Government is looking into the possibilities to give the locals interested in back yard farming the opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge through the Pilot project to sustain oneself by growing your own food. At the fair you will learn about the technologies in terms of drip irrigation that benefit the farmers in Nevis through the dry season, another technology which they are hoping to enforce is the forage banks, which is used in the livestock sector. Farmers can exchange ideas, learn from each other how to produce a massive production of products and much more.

To take part in the Nevis Agricultural Fair, you are requested to sign the registration form which you can pick up at the Office of Ms. Anica Marsdin, she can be reached by phone on 318 2604. The waterman is leaving on Thursday, Mach 21st 2013 with the participants at 6 am.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of something large!