Blues Oddysee

I am watching a documentary “Blues Oddysee” with Bill Wyman, not that I sit besides Bill Wyman watching it, but he is one of the key persons that gets interviewed. Bill Wyman, bass player of “the greatest Rock n Roll band on earth”, the Rolling Stones. For the Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry was their most important inspiration, they wanted to be like him. Bill Wyman has a lot of knowledge of the origins of the blues. Some one said about Chuck Berry’s songs:  “They are little vignets of his life”, descriptions of what happened to him and those are the kinds of songs the Rolling Stones also tried to make.

Chuck Berry singing: “You can’t catch me” 1956

chuck berry

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This Odyssee of the blues starts during slavery, in the Mississipi delta, where the slaved people had to find a way to cope with their misery. Bill Wyman talks about his attraction to that music: “In whatever mood your in, when you listen to the blues, you get to feel good. It always makes you feel good.” (I have to check if that is the exact quote of what he said)

The blues travels to a lot of places and an Odyssee of the Blues promises rare footage and interesting storytelling.