Dive Glide: A must see video

Glenn Faires is dive instructor on St. Eustatius. He invented a fantastic device that allows you to glide easily through the underwater world.

DiveGlide is a new water sport similar to sailing or surfing only done below the surface where you harness natural forces to create motion.

Unlike other devices that tow divers through the water, DiveGlide has no batteries or electric motor. Positive and negative buoyancy acting against a wing are what make it go. Buoyancy is actually one of the most powerful forces controlled by man moving the largest creations on earth… ships.

The key to DiveGlide is its ability to control these forces under water with ease. DiveGlide gets the power from scuba tanks and weights mounted inside the hull of the glide; the benefits of this are quick recharge, no maintenance, and silent running. The present model reaches speeds of 10 to 12 mph, which converts, to a feeling of over 100mph if you were in air. This allows the diver to travel at speeds of most marine life while making very little sound. It has also been identified as a very stable platform for mounting video equipment or for under water filming.

DiveGlide is suitable for every level of diver from a casual snorkeler to the most advanced diver depending on where and how it is being used. Inventor Glenn Faires owner of Golden Rock Dive Center on Statia said, “I came up with the idea while watching fish on my daily dives”. He has spent the last 8 years figuring out how they use buoyancy to move and how divers could also use this power source. He went on to say; “I have done every under water sport there is and this one has it all, there is a learning curve, its challenging, powerful, and most importantly fun and fast!

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  1. Congratulations Glen, this is major.

    I hope it’s patented and ready for use asap.

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