Early Childhood education

Today I read in the NRC next that municipalities in the European Netherlands want to merge “peuterspeelzalen”, “voorschoolse educatie” and “kinderopvang” into one institute: “Integrale Kindcentra”. “Kinderopvang” is used by parents that work, a “peuterschool” is mostly used by parents that have time for their children, but want to prepare them for elementary school. In these “peuterspeelzalen” the program “Voorschoolse educatie” (pre school education)  can be offered and is mostly used for children who have language arrears.

The research Nobel prize winner James Heckman has done, shows that in the US, every dollar the government invests in such preschool education brings in 8 dollars in the long term; people that have had early childhood education end up with a better job, more money and a healthier lifestyle then people who didn’t have pre school education.

You can see a short youtube movie about that research here: http://www.heckmanequation.org/content/resource/early-childhood-education-has-high-rate-return, if you have the time, this presentation by the Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio Schubert  is worth seeing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOt-dkB98UY#t=517

On St. Eustatius, there is to my knowledge no extra funding available for early childhood education like the funding for “voorschoolse educatie” in the European part of the Netherlands.

Seeing the problems in education on the island it may be wise to look into this matter.