Killy Killy Band still going strong

(From DH 31-12-12) ST. EUSTATIUS–For more than 75 years and until this day Killy Killy Band’s string music is enlivening celebrations of all kinds in St. Eustatius. In its early days, the band was known as then Hippie Boys, when legendary musicians such as the late Dip ”Styler” Redan and Ishmael “Ishie“ Arnaud played the fife and Edward ”Buck” Duinkerk played the steel pan, going from door to door during the holidays, serenading the community. These three were immortalized by a bronze statue commissioned by Dr. Paul Schats, who used to play along with the band during the holidays. The statue was placed in the yard of the Government Guesthouse. Since about ten years, the band goes by the name of Killy Killy Band, of which women singers are now also members. Walton “Lord Gene” Schmidt used to be the lead singer, but now other vocalists may also be heard. Jeannette Bos of The Netherlands also fell in love with the band and returns to St. Eustatius every year to play along. She even learned to play one of the traditional string instruments used in the band. The band plays for numerous festive occasions, such as weddings, church services or during the arrival of distinguished guests on the island.

Lord Gene at the Boys Brigade Christmas Parade this Christmas