Statianews was started in 2008 as a local newsletter that was send around per email. In 2010 when the Nustar expansion discussion started, it was important to make the information available via email, also available for all to see; on the world wide web.

Statianews continues to send out news, opinions, announcements and other messages via email. If you want to recieve the statianews emails, please send an email to, or send a message on this website.

If you want to send out a mass email via Statianews, you can also contact me via that email address.

Note that not everything that is sent out via the mailinglist is on the website and vice versa. So if you really want to know everything there is to know about Statia, check this website regularly and subscribe to the mailinglist.



4 thoughts on “Mailinglist

  1. We would like to use your mailing service to inform Statia about a significant change in the visiting hours of National Ombudsman. We can deliver a pdf with the information regarding this matter. It is relevant to the public. We would like to make this information known as of today (December 9th) and repeated December 10th and 11th. We can not seem to get in touch with your service any other way. We would highly appreciate your reply with information on how to get the pdf file to you with the information for the mass mailing via Statia news.
    Thank you!!

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