Mr. Tearr’s Acceptance Speech

Mr. Carlyle Tearr Commissioner on December 13, 2012

Honorable Governor, Island Council Members, Commissioner Sneek, civil servants, ladies and gentlemen. I stand before you, deeply touched and inspired by your vote of confidence. With boundless gratitude for the confidence placed in me by the Council, and with an unswerving resolve to honor that trust, I humbly accept the appointment as a Commissioner of the public entity of Sint Eustatius. I follow in a line of individuals who did this job before me.  They had also faced this moment, each at a critical juncture in the Organization’s history. Like myself today, they must have pondered what the years ahead would hold at the helm of this dynamic governing institution. Each made contributions one way or the other but they all had the highest aspirations. I come from a background where modesty is a virtue.  But the modesty is about demeanor, not about vision and goals.  It does not mean the lack of commitment or leadership.  Rather, it is quiet determination in action to get things done without so much fanfare.  Indeed, our Organization is modest in its means, but not in its values.  We should be more modest in our words, but not in our performance.  The true measure of success is not how much we promise, but how much we deliver for those who need us most.  Given the enduring purposes and inspiring principles of our Organization, we need not shout its praises or preach its virtues.  We simply need to live them every day: step by step, program by program, mandate by mandate. My defining mandate is to strengthen the island so that the community may be better served amidst new challenges.  As Commissioner, I will make the most of the authority invested in my office by the council and the mandate you give me.  I will work diligently to materialize our responsibility to protect the most vulnerable members of the community and stability. I know that my appointment is met with some hurt and or resentment, however, we must remember that we reform not to please others, but because we value what this island stands for.  We reform because we believe in its future.  To revitalize our common endeavor is to renew our faith not only in the programs and purposes but also in each other.  We should demand more of ourselves as well as of our leaders.  To cut through the fog of mistrust is going to require more intensive dialogue.  We cannot change everything at once.  But if we choose wisely, and work together transparently, flexibly and honestly, progress in a few areas will lead to progress in many more.  As your Commissioner, I am far from perfect, and I will need the unsparing support, cooperation and trust from all represented here.  But I pledge to serve you well, with all of my heart and to the best of my abilities.  I will seek excellence with humility.  I will lead by example.  A person should always be straight-forward.  This has been my motto in life.  I intend to stick to it, as well as work with all of the islands stakeholders.  My heart is overflowing with gratitude toward my country and people who have sent me here to serve.  It has been a long journey from my youth to this awesome responsibility and it is with great humility that I accept this post. Thank you.



Information about Mr. Carlyle Tearr:

He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Rijnmond Technische College and has a proven record in the marine industry. Upon graduation, Commissioner Tearr got hired for his first job at Intertek Caleb Brett lasting from 1992 – 2011 where he worked his way up the ladder from an inspector to a branch manager.

He then chose to go into business for himself and seeing that spent 19 years working in the oil industry it seemed logical that would continue in that business when he opened his own company and named it Tearr Aviation Services, where he provides fuel to the aircrafts.

Commissioner Tearr has also been on various boards which include the Eu-tel Communications board as well as being the President of the Chamber of Commerce and the Motor Sports Assosiation.

Mr. Tearr was born and raised on St. Eustatius, he is married to Christine Tearr, has two children, a boy and a girl and he has never been a member of a political party.