On advancement in salary

Via the mailingservice info@statianews.com, a discussion was followed by the readers about the advancement in salary Mr. Tearr was given. Last island councilmeeting that was the hottest topic. Below the comment Jean Marie Molina has pertaining the matter.

Dear editor,

Please allow me to comment on the issue discussed in both comments sent in by the Misters Simmons.

I think all involved should stop treating the situation  as if it is a matter of life and death.
The questions  that in my
opinion that need to be asked are:

1. Was the advancement legal? As in permissible by law.
2. Was the commissioner eligible for this loan? Or advancement  or whatever it is called
3. Were proper arrangements made for the government to be paid back? As in when,  how many (monthly) installments?

If the questions are not answered to the satisfaction of the council,  then additional steps need to be taken. So,  that within a reasonable  amount of time this matter can be done with!

I for one,  cannot understand why every matter debated by the representatives must be reduced to sarcasm, mockery, name calling, mud slinging, (subtle)insults and character assassination.
Why can’t we simply have clean debates with everyone sharing their version of the truth?

Also let us simply be honest. All parties wish to be elected.  So there is also a personal gain involved.  I understand that.  I understand the need for tactics as well as the need to impress certain viewpoints on the voters mind. However, if our leaders were living up to their mandate these shenanigans would never be necessary!

What I do not understand is why this particular issue.  It is important,  but it is not first priority  to drag on the debate on the matter.  Say you agree or disagree  and why.  And simply move on to the next also utterly  important  issue. Please stop your own and everyone else’s  time and get to work!

You want to be (re)elected then show the people what you have done for Statia. Tell them how your actions and those of your counterparts have made the island livable, comfortable, and worthwhile for all inhabitants.
Show them you are doing your utmost to better the current state of affairs. Your track record can and should speak for you.

Let me close with a personal note to the brothers Simmons.  There is much potential in both of you.  You may stand at the opposite end of a spectrum.  However, you both are Statia’s diaspora. I have read various of your articles of the past years. Quite frankly I expect more and better of both of you! I am counting on the both of you to be the leaders I know you are.  Remember,  Statia  needs YOU! Statia has no time to waste.  Do better!! I know you can!!

Jean Marie Molina
Aka Buster’s & Theresa’s daughter 🙂