OPINION Trix van Bennekom

Below you find a link to a weblog that is in Dutch written by Trix van Bennekom. She is a journalist on Bonaire. She suggests that the three islands Bonaire, Statia and Saba should have a referendum in 2015. In 2015, the current constitutional status of the three island will be evaluated. A referendum could be part of that evaluation. Upto now, it is said that this evaluation will be a “fine-tuning” of the current status. But things could be different now that the First Chamber decided to postpone the vote to lock the islands’ current status in the Dutch constitution.







2 thoughts on “OPINION Trix van Bennekom

  1. statia was fine before the current status was FORCED ON THEM. AND STATIA DID NOT VOTE FOR CHANE THIS DUMB CHANGE IN IN STATUS. Bonaire am not familiar with.Not been there but know Saba andd Statia well. The latter quite capable of making their OWN decisions.My expertise is SOILLESS GROWING SYSTEMS and Statia well positioned to take advantage of it and supply produce to Saba abd elsewhere. PROSIT. Murray. Canada has funding, CIDA, CFLI.

  2. and WHO in HOLLAND decided that those from Gyanna and Jamaica NOW need a visa just o visit Sraria and Saba, where have many friends, tho current head of ov there do not know and only interested in subsustance farming. All my experience and ccontacts acquired on Saba and too nad got involved with wrong people here on Nevis, to quote my now deseased friend, Simeon Daniel. am not hiding and am just across roan from airport. See my canadian flag decal. cheers. Murray

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