Statia Government signs for Childcare Improvement Project


St. Eustatius-     The Dutch government made additional funds available for the research on the improvement of the quality of Childcare on Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius.

The  Island Governor of St. Eustatius, Mr. Gerald Berkel signed a subsidy contract with  the Director of AMFO Mr. Reinoudt Karsdorp on January 10th 2013. This project concerns the reinforcement of childcare on St. Eustatiusn and costs an amount of $ 314.700,00. The money is made available by the different Dutch ministries under coordination of the ministry of social affairs while AMFO finalizes approvals, contracts and payments. By means of this project, approval is granted to a project plan on outlines with a running period of approximately three years.

 By April 2013 a detailed plan has to be presented to the Head of Social Affairs at the RCN. The payment is scheduled in three tranches. The program will exist of:

– the improvement of the quality,

– availability of affordable child places

– and if necessary the expansion of responsible materials for child care.

The research will first look at the quality and determine the possibilities of improvement of the childcare. The needed inventory will take place to confirm if the existing child care is sufficient. In the first half of 2013 the research and inventory will take place, after these actions the funds will become available to carry out the actual improvements on the island. The entire trajectory will have a duration of three years.

From left to right: Commissioners Koos Sneek and Carlyle Tearr, Mr. Reinourdt Karsdorp and Lt Gov Gerald Berkel