When I see Statia’s public swimmingpool I always start to dream. Most of the time you see it there, invitingly dark fresh turquois, with the sandstone hot path surrounding it. Pueblo kind of building, cold and fresh inside where the lockers are. Only needs a veranda, a roof outside. It doesn’t work with the few parasols they have there, it needs a structural roofing.

And then I dream of all the swimminglessons that can take place there, year round. All of the school children can swim once a week and get their swimmingdiploma’s. A swimming culture could start, with games and competitions and active participations and organizations of regional and international competitions.

By the way, my guess is 60% of the grown ups can’t swim and with the healthrisks of diabetes getting adult people to come swim and get their diploma’s can be a great opportunity for fun and activities for young and old on the island.


O yes, and that building you see there in the background is supposed to be fixed up for groups of overseas children to accomodate them when they are here with their sportsteams.


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  1. Keep dreaming, because it will never happen under current management and current government. Everything you mentioned could become a reality but that would mean people employed at the pool would have to actually work, so it’s not going to happen. The pool is in poor/horrible condition because of neglect. Granted every once in awhile they’ll close it for a temporary clean up but it’s never maintained properly so it just declines again. The water is unhealthy to swim in, personnel don’t want to do their jobs, half the time it’s not opened, and don’t even get me started on the misappropriate behavior that goes on there. It’s discouraging to those who are serious about swimming or just want to have fun. It’s a disgrace to the island and a huge money waster as it can’t even come close to paying for itself the way it’s managed.

  2. Yes Annemiek, when I read your post I started dreaming again too.
    But unfortunately I get discouraged along the line. The swimming pool has many opportunities for our children, it’s sad to see it so empty all the time. And the building in the background, I met with the Ministry a few years ago, promises were made to demolish it and put a brand new building there, the whole field would get a face lift. I had high hopes, but because of empty promises I took a step back, I’m trying to stay positive but you need people around you that fight the cause with you, not against you.

  3. Sad that when these projects start, they start of reasonably well and then you begin to see their gradual demise. Why did the Government place the management of this place in the hands of the Housing Foundation in the first place? They do not manage public housing well enough, how will they manage the pool? I agree you do need money to move forward. But more important you need people who are committed to do their work. Sadly as stated by Wilma van Zoest and Tina Smith this is lacking. Why are people who are not showing up to work still getting paid? Why are parents not sending their children to the pool after school hours? Who is looking in to this matter? Let’s hope the Commissioner of Sports looks into this very serious matter.

  4. There is a new foundation (SSFF Statia Sport Facilities Foundation) that is responsible for the facilities of the Sports hall and the swimming pool now.

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