Did you know that a couple that works out together is more likely to stay together? Let us know if you’re up for a quick workout with your partner.

A good partner for fitness helps help you stick with your plan and stay motivated to achieve all your goals. Start with little home workout equipment

We’ve put together a list for you of 4 home exercises that you can do.

1. Push-up Reaches

While push-ups may seem like a simple exercise that requires you to do solo movements, we suggest you include your partner so you can have more fun. You are ready to sweat? Put on your favorite Sports Bra and leggings.

Push-ups provide a great workout for your chest and quads. Face your partner. Do your push-up variation. Keep your partner motivated by doing at least three sets.

2. Wheel Barrow Walks

This might seem like a difficult exercise, but it’s a fun and enjoyable way to work out. The Wheel Barrow Walks require one person to be in a plank, with the partner holding on to his or her legs. You can either be supporting your partner’s weight or engaging your core as you walk. This exercise can be very strenuous so wear lightweight T-shirts as well as Shorts to allow you to move around freely.

3. Hook Squats

Your partner and you will need to stand face-to-face with each other. Now join your arms together and let’s have some fun! Slowly squat so that your legs are parallel to the ground, and you’re back straight. Although it may seem difficult initially, it is easy to master. After that, you can even rotate in an anticlockwise and clockwise direction. The hooks squats will make you feel ‘hooked’. You may also like to sport light outfits such as a Sports Bra as well as Capri pants that will keep you cool while you exercise.

4. Reaches and Planks

Many of us find it hard to hold a single plank for longer than one minute. But with this fun couple workout, you’ll have someone to motivate you. Both you and your partner should be facing forward, in a plank position. You can high-five your partner by reaching out with one hand and high-five the other between each rep. This core-body workout will help keep you and the partner engaged, and it will also challenge your whole body. Your body will feel light and fit with the Tank top as well as the Joggers.

With your partner, you can achieve all of your fitness and health goals. Start by doing simple exercises right from your home. To keep your lifestyle healthy and fit, you only need to be consistent.

How do I choose my fitness bra?

The intensity and impact levels of your workouts will dictate the size of your fitness bra. There are three important factors to consider: comfort, perspiration wicking, and bust support.

1. Bust Support

Your workouts may have varying intensity levels, so your bust will require support from a sports bra.

A lightweight sports bra will provide support and not over compression for low-impact activities like yoga, Pilates, or gentle gymnastics.

For moderate-impact activities such as cross-training or choreographed classes, a medium-support bra will provide the best support and perspiration wicking.

If you are involved in high-impact activities, a bra that has strong support can help reduce bust movement by as much as 50%.

2. Perspiration Wicking

You should choose lightweight and stretch fabrics to provide comfort and freedom of movement for activities that are low in intensity.

For high-intensity activities of medium to high intensity, choose technical fabrics that have a muscle back for better sweat-wicking.

3. Comfort

Comfortable sports bras can help you stay comfortable when doing exercise.

For intense activities, opt for soft and stretchy fabrics. Also, look out for models that have minimal seams.

The size of your sports bra will determine how comfortable it is. The best way to find the right size is to measure your bust using a measuring tape.

The sports bras can also be adjusted to make sure they fit perfectly. For intense sports, you will need to adjust your bras more frequently.

You should try your sports bra on before you buy it to make sure it feels comfortable.

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By Annie

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